The design phase requires careful balancing between performance, budget, and convenience. We make sense of all those inputs and outputs, cables and technologies so you don’t have to. I believe that in most circumstances people will choose convenience over performance. With The Boulder Home Theater Company’s intuitive and self-healing control systems you don’t have to choose. We design our systems around how people utilize technology in real life. Our mission is to be certain that you are elated and 100% comfortable using and enjoying your new system.



This can involve extensive pre-wiring for new construction or begin immediately in the case of retro-fit installations. In order to achieve the best, most aesthetic, installation it is critically important that good planning has been done during the design phase. Installing myriad speakers, components, and touchscreens all present unique challenges and we have the experience to get it done right the first time. The Boulder Home Theater Company focuses on our attention to detail and high level of organization, two of the most important aspects to the installation phase. Keeping all the wiring neat, labeled, and terminated correctly is critical to the operation and performance of any home theater system.



We take the time necessary to setup the equipment for optimum performance. The system will work being merely connected however, a high-performance system, has been balanced and configured for your unique environment and preferences. Speaker levels, distance, display brightness will all be adjusted and tailored to your preference. We then custom program your intuitive universal remote or control system to do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes and make it as easy for you as pressing “Watch TV”. We utilize RTI and ProControl universal remotes and control systems to ensure your complete satisfaction and confidence in operating your new system. ​

We provide all the components and extras:

A/V receiver, TV’s or Projectors, Projection Screen, 5 to 11 In-ceiling Speakers for Surround Sound, Subwoofers, Blu-ray player, Universal Remote, Lighting Control, Acoustic Control, Custom Cabinetry

Wiring is hidden in the walls and the source equipment can be placed in a cabinet or hidden out of site.

Our high-performance systems are expertly designed, installed, and programmed. Our designs come from years of experience selecting high-quality components that feature tried and true technologies, provide the best value, and are the most intuitive to use. Our track record for installing high-performance home theaters makes us the best choice in Boulder for your next AV system. Read more in about us section.