Residential and commercial lighting control

Boulder Colorado | Lutron® Lighting Control

We love lighting control. It has so many benefits and once you live with it, you won’t ever want to live without it. We have a Lutron® RadioRa2 system in our own home that we use every day.

Lutron® systems have extensive control and integration capabilities far beyond what most people will use, but it’s good to know that if you have a unique situation, we can handle it. Every person will appreciate different aspects of what lighting control can do for their life. Through years of experience we have found that most homeowners resonate with, and utilize the following features most often:

Dimming: lets you set the perfect lighting for the activity, save energy, and extend bulb life.

Scenes: let you design with light to control all the lights on the system with one button press and set the mood for different times of day.

Time clocks: let you automate outdoor lighting and “randomize” your interior lighting while you are away on vacation.

iOS apps: let you bring control of your system with you wherever you are.

Lutron® Thermostats: let you control temperature and energy savings with the same power and ease as the lighting.

Lutron® Shades and Draperies: let you control natural light and energy savings with the same power and ease as the electrical light.

Occupancy sensors: automatically turn lights on when you enter and off after a pre-set time once you have left.

The features that we use constantly with our own system are the car visor remotes, scenes, and iOS apps. The car visor remotes allow us to turn on the lights from the driveway. By pressing the “Home” button it turns on the front door light, the foyer, kitchen, living room, and bathroom lights to 75. With the Lutron Home+ control app we have total access and control over every light and scene in the system right from our smartphones. We can adjust lighting and scenes to make sure everything is set exactly how we expect, whether we are at home or across the country.

The hardware for lighting control is scalable so you can start with the common areas and add-on to the system down the road as you gain appreciation for the power and convenience of Lutron® lighting control systems. At The Boulder Home Theater Company we have years of experience to help you in designing the best lighting control system for your unique needs.

Automated Shades in Boulder

Daylight has a quality that we respond to emotionally. Colors read true, finishes reveal their texture, and an uplifting quality pervades any room bathed in daylight. As we become more conscious of our footprint on this planet, we realize that making the most of daylight in our homes simply makes sense. Utilizing daylight reduces our need for electric light, and saves energy.  Lutron shading systems provide precision control of daylight – all at the touch  of a button.

Energy Savings

Utilize your shading system to save additional energy beyond routine use of shades. “Winter warm” opens the shades, taking advantage of sunlight warming a southern façade. “Summer cool” does the opposite by lowering shades and blocking  solar heat gain, thereby reducing your cooling costs. In addition, Lutron  shading fabrics are made from sustainable materials for complete environmental  and energy savings.

Climate Control Boulder

The Lutron TouchPRO Wireless thermostat combines the trusted brand of Honeywell® with Lutron innovation. The newest addition to both RadioRA® 2andHomeWorks® QSis a simple way to add temperature control to these  systems.

We tailor lighting control systems to enhance your lifestyle whether you have a part-time or full-time residence. “The energy-savings benefits of RadioRA 2 are brought to you through a combination of light, shade, temperature, and appliance control. You’re not only investing in a system that will enhance your life, you’re also making a conscious choice to lessen your impact on the environment.”

“Currently, RadioRA® 2 and HomeWorks® QS are smart grid ready products. RadioRA2 is a wireless light control system that provides convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, audio-visual devices, and temperature in a single room or  throughout a whole home. It installs easily, programs quickly, and operates reliably thanks to Clear Connect™ RF Technology.”

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