About The Boulder Home Theater Company

We service Boulder County and the surrounding areas.

Jay-Johnson Boulder Home Theater Company

Founded in 2013, The Boulder Home Theater Company is a group of highly experienced professionals dedicated to the art of technology integration.

We understand the complexities and ever-changing nature of electronics, that’s why we offer to be your personal technology concierge. We provide an unparalleled level of service and support and can say with confidence that we’ll develop a relationship that you’ll trust and value.

We approach every system with an eye towards a simple and intuitive user experience, with no long training sessions or instruction sheets required. We hand select the highest quality, most reliable, most intuitive products for years of performance.

When it comes to managing your project, we value your time and property. Our techs show up on time and ready to work delivering all required equipment and materials. We develop relationships with your interior designer, architect, and contractor, working together to determine the best solutions for each aspect of your project.

Each one of our custom installations is tailored to your specific needs because when you enjoy your technology, you enjoy your home.

Let’s get started. Give us a call today to schedule your private consultation.