Smart Home Automation Boulder

We provide easy control of your home theater, media room and all of your home’s subsystems through leading and reliable manufacturers in the home automation industry. Imagine controlling your lighting, HVAC, surveillance, home audio, and theater systems with the touch of a button (either in-wall or through your mobile phone/tablet). This smart home technology (also known as system integration) allows simplicity through intuitive touchscreen icons. Our team will spend time showing you how to easily use your system.

Our 20+ years in the business has allowed us to test out many different companies and we now focus on the leaders in the industry that are the most reliable and customer friendly with ease of use. We highly recommend automation products from RTI and Lutron, but we have substantial experience with most other automation systems as well if your existing equipment needs service.

These smart home solutions eliminate clutter in your home simplifying your family’s lifestyle and safety.

Imagine turning off all the lights in your home before bed with one button located at your bedside table. Then using that same bedside device to arm your security system, adjust the temperature in your home and make sure all of your audio/video devices are turned off.