Wireless Streaming Whole Home Audio with Sonos

The Boulder Home Theater Company is proud to feature wireless speaker solutions by SONOS. Let’s face it, some homes just don’t have any way to run wiring from point A to point B. We can now retro-fit homes of any size or difficulty with high quality audio anywhere you want it wirelessly. SONOS has a complete line of products for every scenario whether it be distributed audio, home theater, or dedicated listening room. Call or click to schedule you free in-home consultation today!


With SONOS setup is a breeze. We will design and connect your system for you eliminating any possible hassles and even move your iTunes library to a network storage drive so you can access your music all the time whether your computer is on or off.


Sometimes in the past you would need to buy two 8 zone amplifiers just to run a 10 zone system. Now with this scalable and modular system we can tailor the system to the exact need. And in the future if you decide to add another zone it’s as easy as adding one more zone player.


Not only does the system stream all the music on earth but it features line inputs on every player so you can connect legacy devices like a CD player, cable box, or phonograph and stream that source back into the system making it instantly available in all zones.


With the Connect and a high current amplifier you can hook up audiophile grade speakers, like our Totem Forest, to the system and listen to your favorite recordings at bit rates up to 1411kbps.


The entire system is controlled through free intuitive apps on iOS and Android devices. Easily choose content, create playlists, and browse your music library with full cover art and metadata. Group zones for party mode and control volume levels independently in each zone effortlessly.