Introducing Totem Acoustic in Boulder, CO!

The Boulder Home Theater Company is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Totem Acoustic in the front-range area (Boulder to Denver) and one of only three dealers in the state of Colorado.

Totem Acoustic’s guiding principle is minute attention to every detail. Believing a speaker should exhibit liveliness and spaciousness of sound, with all the qualities that make live music truly soul-moving. Uncompromising design, engineering, attention to detail and extensive critical listening tests have resulted in speaker systems worthy of the Totem name.

The artistry exhibited in the Ash, Mahogany, and Cherry cabinets brings wood to life with breathtaking depth and gloss. The “Design” finishes in Ice, Fire, Sky and Dusk are aesthetically moving and fit seamlessly with modern architecture. These speakers must be experienced as they are like nothing you have seen before. You will be amazed by the power, imaging, and clarity obtained from these diminutive speakers that is why we have created the unique in-home audition program.

New TOTEM Audition Program!

Here’s how it works:

Choose two models from below that you would like to see and hear then fill out the contact form or call us to schedule your private audition. We will bring your selected speakers to your home and setup our mobile system letting you test the speakers in the room where they will eventually live. The audition usually lasts about an hour and you will have the opportunity to play your own source material as well as some of our favorite high bit rate recordings. We will even connect your existing speakers if you would like to compare what you currently own to what Totem offers.

Room acoustics play a significant role in how you experience music, have you ever bought something and later thought hmmm, that sounded better / looked better in the store? Our aim with this unique and exclusive in-home audition program is to take out the guess work and allow you to experience this exceptional equipment exactly as it will sound in your home.

We have no showroom and no corresponding overhead to pass on. Our model instead is to bring unparalleled quality and value directly to you. We conduct in-home consultations and design work for all of your audio/video desires. There is no charge for this service. We firmly believe that once you experience the unrivaled beauty and sound of this line you will not be able to resist owning them for yourself. Call or click to schedule today!

Models available for Demo

Our Home Theater Projects

Dreamcatcher in Satin White

Compact design with stunning resolution and articulation. Amazing point source imaging. Ideal for two-channel music and smaller home theater systems.

Mite in Fire

An uncompromised design with spectacular sound staging, seductive musicality and huge dynamic contrasts. For the music lover whose priority is pop and rock, and whose system is receiver based.

Rainmaker in Cherry

Stunningly hi fidelity and versatile, the Rainmaker overachieves with music and movies

Our Home Theater Projects

Arro in Mahogany

Omni-directional in character, the Arro defies the laws of physics with extreme bass extension and holographic sound imaging. If you like authentic-sounding performances that reach beyond the realm of space and time, experience the streamlined beauty of the Totem Arro.

Sttaf in Satin White

The Sttaf’s proportions, cabinetry and classical elegance make for easy placement in any room environment. Huge, large-gauge, air coils in the crossover guarantee that the speaker will never saturate in the critical vocal area. Adaptable and easy to use with many affordable stereo and A/V electronics. For the music lover who’s priority is pop and rock and who’s system is receiver based.

Forest in Cherry

The Forest offers pulse, speed and dynamic contrasts that add up to a tingling surprise factor, bringing freshness to your listening experience. With its innovative design, incredible sound extension and overall coherence, the Totem Forest allows you to discover beautiful harmonics that open up to infinite worlds of enjoyment.

Our Home Theater Projects


KIN in-wall

Totem is proud to introduce the new TRIBE “KIN” SERIES. The runaway success of the TRIBE In-Wall and In-Ceiling proved beyond any doubt that emotional and musical sound could be achieved from enclosed architectural speakers. Save floor space and go In-Wall.


KIN SUB in Satin White

Amazingly small, it’s articulate and precise across a full range of frequencies. It’s clear and coherent in all applications, and reaches down to an amazing 29Hz. Auto power on/off, continuously variable low pass crossover, continuously variable phase, low level and speaker level inputs and outputs.